Arddel’s Corporate Training Platform is a perfect mix of technology, content and service - quickly setting up employees and organizations for success!


Our content library contains thousands of high-quality employee training videos, and hundreds of eBooks and manuals

on key topics your employees need:


8 High Level Topic Areas

Biz Skills.png

Business Skills

HR Compliance.png

HR Compliance

Information Technology.png

Information Technology

Industry Specific.png

Industry Specific

Sales and Service.png

Leadership and Management

Leadership and Management.png

Sales and Service



Workplace Safety.png

Workplace Safety


EASY TO USE Learning TechnoloGY

Arddel’s award-winning training platform is intuitive and fully responsive, allowing your employees unlimited access to workplace training content on any device, anytime and anywhere for true 'just-in-time' learning. 

Ongoing Support with HUGE Savings to your training budget

Arddel is committed to work with you from implementation through the entire life cycle of your program; from developing your company's learning plan and executing a successful employee training program that will deliver proven organizational results - all at a fraction of the cost of face-to-face training.

Why choose our corporate training Platform for your company?

  1. Huge topic archive - over 6000 video lessons and courses, 800 eBooks, guides and manuals.

  2. Support material and reinforcement boosters - increase retention and ROI on training investment.

  3. Mobile optimized - we deliver your employee training across multiple platforms: desktop, mobile or tablet.  

  4. Customized learning paths - curated for your staff needs, in a branded environment for your business.

  5. No lead-in or development time - we can deploy your corporate training solution in days.

  6. Up to date content - 78% of our videos and courses have been added within the last 2 years, with thousands more added every year.